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Friday Programs

Pet Professional's Business Makeover: Marketing, Management, Money And Media

Khris Berry

Whether a new or veteran pet professional, this course offers fresh insights which you can easily implement to infuse professionalism and energy into your business. Learn how to develop and redefine the strategies which lead you to run a successful and vibrant pet service business by utilizing the 4 "M's" to transform yourself and your business!

Hour 1) Marketing

How do you set yourself apart in a sea of competitors? Develop a personal brand! This class will help you define and develop your own brand. Whether you are mobile, corporate, solo, or work with other groomers, you can use these skills to distinguish yourself and create your own voice in your everyday workplace. Unleash the power of “You” in your workplace and watch your client base grow!

Hour 2) Management

Learning to manage people effectively is a hallmark of great leaders. Learn tips to manage employees, clients and more in this information packed seminar.

Hour 3) Money

How do you create a viable self-sustaining business which will sustain, endure, and thrive? In this seminar, you will learn strategies to focus on revenue streams and increase your business profit margin, as well as how to build your business to succeed financially and stabilize your revenue.

Hour 4) Media

This class will offer insights into getting the most from your media choices, avoiding pitfalls, and making bold choices to set yourself apart from competitors. Learn to flex your business muscle by using many forms of media.

Rockin' Some Creative With Cindy And Adriane

Cindy Oliver & Adriane Pope

Come and watch a creative design come to life in just a few hours! From blank to minimal color, all the way to the finished masterpiece. Learn how to create a design, step by step, during this live demo with top creative groomers, Cindy and Adriane. Carving, Coloring, Scissoring, Styling, Detailing, and more; you won’t want to miss this!

Drop Coat Series

Thinning Shears: A Groomer’s Best Kept Secret!

Jonathan David

Jonathan believes thinning shears are one of his most useful cutting tools. He executes entire haircuts on a variety of coat types using thinning shears alone. In this live dog demonstration-style seminar, he’ll share his use of the “scissor over comb” techniques that he has learned and developed into his own personal style. The “soft looking” lines of thinners vs. the blunt cut of a scissor results in smooth layering and a natural looking finish incomparable to any other. And with the use of thinning shears you can achieve any length trim without being limited to snap-on combs.

Speed Tricks On Drop Coats

Diane Betelak

For many salons, Drop Coats are the basis of our grooming business. We need to be able to turn out a trim that looks great in a reasonable time frame so we can get more clients in. Learn the tricks to keeping these wonderful dogs in trims that accentuate their good points and hide their flaws. Diane will be using blades, snap-on attachments, scissors, thinning shears and other tools to keep the integrity of the coat, but to get it off fast!

Drop Coats Aplenty

Erin Mclaughlin & Jill Pipino

Do Drop Coats make you quiver? Have no fear, Jill and Erin are here to help! Whether you prefer using clipper combs or thinning shears, they will share their tips on how to make drop coats, drop dead gorgeous. You won’t want to miss these two as they dish out their own techniques and styles.

Dreamy Drop Coats

Valerie Partynski

Valerie will show you how to do a stylish, but easy maintenance trim on a drop coated dog. Being one of the harder coat types to work with, she will show you how to get a smooth finish in a short amount of time using snap on combs and thinning shears.

Friday Evening

Whose Got Your Back When Reactions, Outbreaks And Injuries Happen?

Dave Campanella

Salon injuries and accidents happen. It’s not a matter of “If” something goes wrong, but when, how often or how severe. Confidently assess what has happened, know what to do next and stop repeat occurrences. Dave presents simple methods, facts and resources to face and resolve challenges professionally. Dealing with Clients, Product Manufacturers and Veterinarians can often be more challenging than what actually happened. Know what to say to clients, what to ask when reaching out to manufacturers, and how to score points with Veterinarians. No one gets thrown under the bus ever again.

The Wonderful Westie

Koko Tanaka

In this two hour class, Koko will show you the difference between grooming a Westie in show coat and pet coat, and explain how to decide which approach is best for your client’s dog.

In hour one, Koko will discuss that in order to give the Westie the classic look, handstripping is a must. But if you are not able to convince your clients that this is the best choice, what is the second best option? She will demonstrate the pet trim according to the Westie’s breed standard, including a modified teased up Westie head.

In hour two, Koko will explain how to hand-strip, why to hand-strip, and also why handstripping is a profitable service, too. Koko will instruct on how to convince your clients to change their ideas of what a Westie’s look should be and guide them to start handstripping for its aesthetics and skin health benefits.