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Saturday Programs

Grooming Salons: A Petri Dish for Disease

Dr. Cliff Faver

Ever wonder what “beasties” are lurking around your grooming salon? What about the risks to the pets, to you, or your family? What you don’t know can hurt you! We will also address some of the myths/misconceptions from a scientific approach of some of the disease processes we commonly are exposed to. You will learn some of the common hazards you are faced with and common-sense ways to minimize your exposure to them.

Branding: The Power of You

Khris Berry

How do you set yourself apart in a sea of competitors? Develop a personal brand! This class will help you define and develop your own brand. Whether you are mobile, corporate, solo, or work with other groomers, you can use these skills to distinguish yourself and create your own voice in your everyday workplace. Every customer standing in front of you is an opportunity for you to establish your personal brand. Unleash the power of “You” in your workplace and watch your client base grow.

Bread & Butter Grooming: Mini poodle

Kathy Rose

Kathy shares her tips to smooth scissoring techniques for the everyday groomer. Kathy will show you how to achieve a show worthy miniature poodle clip, easily and timely, by combining clippering and scissoring for the perfect finish. Watch as she transforms the everyday poodle into a smoothly scissored pet that you would be proud to send walking out of your salon. Don't miss the chance to see this informative poodle demo with the woman who judges the best of the best.

Scissor over Comb Technique: The Jonathan David Way!

Jonathan David

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear "Scissor Over Comb Technique". He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.

What About Those Employees?

Linda Easton & Jim Warner

A well-working team can remove stress, increase profits and make running a grooming business fun. Hiring and keeping the right employees is very important in every business, so let’s take the stress out of getting and keeping good employees. It starts with the first interview and the employee manual. Today’s new laws are changing the way we should pay our employees. Paying strategies can make more money for the business owner AND the employee! Tips on keeping the employees you love and letting go those you don’t, and where to look for employees and alternatives to hiring more groomers will also be discussed. This class is also great for employees who are frustrated in their jobs.

First Impressions: Making Your Initial Meeting Count

Terrie Hayward

Have you ever heard the saying that first impressions are lasting? This holds true for dogs as well. As such, we only have one opportunity to make that first impression a positive one. There are many strategies that we can employ in order to make your first meeting a good one. Join Terrie Hayward of PAW-Positive Animal Wellness to talk more about techniques and tips to establish that first meeting as the best that it can be and to set you, the dog, and the family up for success and a long, lasting grooming relationship!

Wheaten Terrier: Accomplish the Show Look in Pet Length

Marnie Mathison

In this extremely informative seminar, Marnie will share with you tips and techniques to use on this challenging breed. She will show you an easy way to please your clients by keeping the length to something manageable but not losing the beautiful outline of the Soft Coated Wheaten. Don’t miss out on this one!

Creative Grooming for Your Salon

Cindy Oliver

Come join top Creative competitor, Cindy Oliver for a fun filled, live demo seminar on creative grooming! She will cover creative techniques you can implement in your salon to wow your everyday clients. Some of the topics covered will be temporary and permanent color, airbrushing, and detailing. So, if you’re just dipping your toes into creative, thinking about competing, or anything in between - you won’t want to miss this class!

The Grooming Business - Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the Grooming Business on the topic of running a more
efficient operation. Lots of information covered in condensed form – take lots of notes on this one! Time well spent in this class!

The Rosetta Bone: Decoding Canine Social Dynamics

Khris Berry

By reducing our language of interaction and learning to decode canine social language in a systematical and numerical manner, we can begin to understand our canine partners on a universal level. This 1-hour class is a guide to understanding the language of canine social behavior, how it relates to you as a pet professional, and how to apply it to connect more deeply and communicate more clearly with the dogs around you.

Grooming the Drop Coat with Style

Michell Evans

Do you find yourself giving all your drop coats the same head and body style? In this demonstration Michell will show you how to give a drop coat style quickly so that you save time and make money. She will talk about different styles and how to achieve them in a reasonable time frame. Want to make the girls look more feminine and the males more masculine? You will learn what to leave and what to trim to achieve pretty and sassy or handsome and cute!

All I’m Asking Is for a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Angela Kumpe

No this is not a musical class where we sing Lyrics from Aretha Franklin songs, but it is a class about how to get the respect you deserve from your clients. After owning a salon for over 20 years and adding a mobile business to that 3 years ago, Angela has learned a thing or two about standing tall and demanding her clients treat her like a professional. In this class she will tell you how to gain the respect you deserve. No more letting clients walk all over you by canceling, no shows, asking for discounts, showing up late and expecting you to bend over backwards to fit their “wants”. You are the one that sets the standard in which people see you, make sure they see you as the professional you are.