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Saturday Programs

Bring on the Brachycephalic Breeds!

Teri DiMarino

Anybody who has been “in dogs” for any period of time knows what a brachycephalic breed is. These dogs have short muzzles and broad heads and include such popular breeds as English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu’s, to name a few. These breeds come with their own set of issues that can cause problems, especially in the grooming process. They can have breathing problems; they do not handle heat well and those facial wrinkles need special care to keep them clean. Just washing the face of one of these breeds can be a challenge! Teri will focus on some of the problems unique to these breeds and how we can overcome these issues in the salon, sending out a clean, well-groomed dog with a sweet looking and smelling face.

Fantastic Clients and Where to Find Them

Corina Stammworthy & Macie Pisa

“You need to make a great first impression to gain and maintain customers.” says Macie Pisa, NCMG. Do you dream of having the perfect clients; the big tippers, who are always on time, that come in every four weeks? How do you get them? We will go through the best ways you can improve how customers view you and your business, and how to get and keep the customers you want!

Opening Your Own Salon from A to Z

Mindy Dinwiddie

Thinking about opening your own salon? Join Mindy as she shares what you should know as you begin your journey to becoming a salon owner. Learn what questions to ask, where you can find the information and if this is the right call for you. Mindy will give you an inside look to begin making those all-important decisions.

Why Does it Take Me So Long to Groom a Shih Tzu?

Valerie Partynski

The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular breeds to walk into grooming salons across the country. In this live demo, Valerie will teach you timesaving techniques to consistently give a stylish trim to each pet in a short amount of time using proper prep work and attachment combs. Val will also go over what shears to use in all areas to get the tidy finish you want walking out your door! Even if you can get these guys in and out quick, we are sure you can learn a thing or two.

Who Am I?

Blake Hernandez

This branding and marketing seminar is not one to miss! Blake will discuss everything from finding your flavor to social media and everything in between—including what can help spark your personal ingenuity and how to find value in it. You will understand the difference between the image project to the industry and the image your clients see and where that path can take you. Learn about the best apps to use, how people interpret them and so much more!

Quick and Easy Salon Creative

Alyssa Kasiba

In this class, Pooch Perfect finalist Alyssa Kasiba will show you several quick and easy salon creative styles. She will use different products and techniques that can be done in a salon or mobile setting, and will tell you about the products, where to find them, how long they last on the coat, and how to market them to your clients. Watch live and video demonstrations step-by-step and see the creativity come to life.

Art of Airbrushing

Adriane Pope

Adriane will show you how and where to begin offering airbrushing as a service to your clients. She will cover airbrushing on long and short coats as well as light and dark coats. And will also go over different techniques for different effects, mixing colors, equipment and much more. By the end of the class, Adriane will completely transform a dog’s coat into an art piece.

The Complicated Combination Coat: The Special Grooming Problems of Doodles and Other Cross-Breeds

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

In this one-hour seminar, Jennifer will explain the complicated genetic consequences of crossing shedding and non-shedding coats together (think Bernadoodle!), as well as how to assess the variety of combinations often presented to us in all the designer cross-breeds, and what tools and techniques will best work to manage their high tendency to mat. The seminar will also cover how to work with owners who have little information and often unrealistic expectations to manage these often unpredictable and complicated coats successfully.

Great Grooming on Drop-Coated Breeds

Jay Scruggs

We see more drop coats in our shop than almost any other coat type. Each drop coat has a different texture. No more using scissors on a drop coat! In this demonstration, Jay will show how to get a more natural look by using snap-on combs and thinning shears. Whether you groom Lhasas, Malteses, Yorkies, or Shih-Tzus, this demo will help you achieve better results with the use of new tools and the right pair of thinners. He will discuss how thinning shears help as a key part of a groomer’s toolbox. Jay will also discuss which thinning shears to use on different coat types. This pet trim will be short yet stylish while still leaving a natural finish.

Grooming on the Island of Misfit Dogs

Helen Schaefer

This seminar aims to address the common complaint of “I only groom pets!” by teaching groomers to bridge what they saw taught on a beautiful, show-quality dog and apply it to the well-loved, but not always ideal clients they serve daily. A little bit corrective grooming, but more how to adapt to the individual on the table, Helen will teach you how to bring out the best in your chunky schnauzers, wooly cockers, and short-legged poodles for that ultimate "show dog" look for the star in your client’s life, as well as how to achieve a competitive edge to help make your skills stand out from the crowd and attract and retain new business.

Rockin’ Some Simple Creative

Adriane Pope

In this creative grooming seminar, Adriane will show you some ways to make this unique area of grooming fun and make the designs pop. A live demo will be included to show how to add the finishing touches to a cute design.

How to Build your Brand

Adrian Smith

In this seminar, Adrian Smith, the Color King, will be giving a detailed inside scoop on how he built his brand and following. Adrian owns two salons, has clientele across the country (including celebrity clients) and owns a successful dog modeling business. This seminar is intended for new business owners or groomers thinking about taking the next step in their grooming career. He will explain how to find your niche, build clientele, and build your social media presence. This seminar will touch on hiring the right team, pricing, and following through with business ideas. You will leave this seminar feeling encouraged to pursue your dreams!