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Saturday Programs

Time is Money: How to Have Both

Denise Heroux

This seminar offers practical insights and strategies for grooming business owners and professionals looking to optimize their operations. Attendees will learn tips for effective money-saving techniques, such as bulk purchasing and cost-effective product selection, while also discovering time-saving methods like appointment scheduling software and workflow organization. By the end of the seminar, participants will have a toolkit of resources to streamline their grooming businesses, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

Abstract Creative Runway: From Clippers to Catwalk

Kelly Knight

With all of her wins, and being the first abstract creative groomer to make the cover of Groomer to Groomer, Kelly Knight has become the belle of creative runway competitions. Kelly will demonstrate the entire process, from concept to completion. She will explain how she finds and what she looks for in a design, then how she applies that design. This class is great for anyone wanting to add this unique niche to their salon offerings. And it’s a must for anyone thinking about competing in an abstract creative runway competition.

Wow Your Westie Trims!

Jodi Murphy

Who can resist the adorable Westie? In this seminar, Jodi will demonstrate tips and techniques to achieve a beautiful pet trim on this ever-popular breed.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Stephenie Calhoun

Tired of boring old pet trims with one length all over but don't have the clientele for anything too creative? Would you like to elevate the quality of your grooms and stand out from the competition but still keep your pet clients happy and maintained? In this demo, Stephenie will teach you all the little tricks that can change a haircut for the better. It's time to stand out from the crowd (but only just a little)!

Conquer Bad Hair Days Forever: The Truth about Coat Damage

Dave Campanella

We struggle with grooming scenarios on a daily basis. Many opinions, techniques, tools, and products attempt to tackle these challenges. This seminar will review a video and hair samples taken and analyzed with electron microscopy, as well as observe coat damage, mats, tangles and undercoat from several common coat types up-close as never seen before. This data provides keen insight that leads to guaranteed results! Learn how to safely release more shedding and mats while avoiding the risk of further coat damage and messes, eliminate pre-brushing and reduce stress. Create a much calmer environment by avoiding muscle strain and/or injury to you and your client dogs. Save time and earn more just by understanding coat damage!

Zero to Cheap Marketing

Misty Gieczys

Want to learn how you can get your name out there without breaking the piggy bank? In this seminar, Misty will go over how to do things for just the cost of your time and materials—you don't have to take out a full page ad in the paper! You’ll be excited to try these low-cost tricks to market your business right away.

Drop Coats with Jonathan David

Jonathan David

Drop coats can be a challenging groom to tackle. Join Jonathan in this session dedicated to mastering drop-coat breeds as well as mixed breeds with similar hair. Jonathan will cover the use of thinning shears for layering and using snap-on combs to achieve a cute and manageable look that even the most discerning client will love! Jonathan will also share his technique for achieving a beautifully layered round head and face.

How to Enrich Your Customer Experience

Samantha Palya

The customer journey starts before they enter through your door and doesn't end until days after their pet is brought back home. In this seminar, Samantha will discuss three parts of the customer journey and how to enhance their experience to lead to 5-star reviews! She will also discuss how your online presence can and will attract the ideal client, how to prepare your customer service team to create a lasting impression, and how to get your clients to share their experience with others. Your business and bottom line will grow from having a great customer service plan in place!

Dealing with the Delusional: Groomer Edition

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Ever feel like you’re your own worst enemy? Do you overbook yourself and burn the candle at both ends? Are you striving for perfection and chasing your tail? As groomers, our work can be a direct reflection of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In this class, Kelsey Ann Sexton will teach you self-care skills and how to incorporate habits that will help you avoid burnout. Start taking care of yourself and leave the tail-chasing to the dogs!

Elevate Your Customer Service

Denise Heroux

This seminar is designed to empower businesses and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional customer service. Attendees will learn strategies for enhancing customer interactions, building long-lasting relationships, and exceeding customer expectations. The seminar will focus on practical techniques, effective communication, and the use of technology to create memorable customer experiences, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business success. Denise will also set you up with tools to help deliver consistent service no matter how small or large your business is.

No Butts About It!

Melissa Jepson

This fun, interactive class tackles the rear half of the dog. We have plenty that focus on the front but the back is just as important! You’ll learn how to create angulation, flattering looks, and a rear that sticks out.

Going Mobile with Adriane Pope

Adriane Pope

Twenty-four years, six vans, and a trailer later…come learn how to start or improve your mobile grooming business by experiencing Adriane’s ride through the years. In this class, she will discuss building your own mobile unit vs. commercial built, maintenance, scheduling, the do’s and dont’s of mobile grooming, and more. During your time in this session, we will also work through any questions or concerns you have about running a successful mobile grooming business. In addition, Adriane will share a couple of personal experiences with some of her special clients, such as Anna Nicole Smith! Come enjoy the ride!