Saturday Programs

Understanding Coat Damage, De-Matting, De-Tangling & De-Shedding

Dave Campanella

The most strenuous and time-consuming physical activities groomers struggle with on a daily basis are de-shedding, de-matting, and de-tangling. Many opinions, techniques, tools, and formulas attempt to help tackle these tough challenges, but do you really understand what’s going on from the hair’s perspective to select the most effective approach? You will review demo video and images viewed with an electron microscope of hair samples taken of mats, tangles, and undercoat from several common coat types. You will learn how to safely release more shedding and undercoat with little to no pre-brushing, minimizing your effort, reducing stress, and avoiding muscle strain and even injury to you and your client dogs. Ultimately you will learn to earn more “making masterpieces out of nightmares in record time!”

Angela Kumpe’s Secrets to Owning Your Own Salon

Angela Kumpe

Do you own or want to own a grooming salon? Angela Kumpe will share some of her secrets to a successful business. Angela owned her salon for over 20 years, her mobile grooming service for over 5 years, and her retail business for over 12 years. This class will be filled with simple tips on things like marketing, pricing, retirement, budgets and more.

Quick and Trendy Yorkie Styles

Shannon Moore

Yorkies are one of the most common dogs walking into salons today. In this seminar, Shannon Moore, NCMG will demonstrate a quick and easy low maintenance trim that is stylish yet easy to execute. She will also briefly discuss coat maintenance and product selection to help you deliver that “just stepped out of the show ring” finish.

How Structure and Anatomy Affect Your Grooming

Jonathan David

Structure and anatomy effect the balance and proportion of all dogs. Groomers sometimes need to "camouflage groom" or hide faults in the coats. This session will cover common structural faults encountered every day and how to hide faults to bring out the best features for a beautifully finished groom.

Cindy Knows Mobile!

Cindy Oliver

Come join Cindy for a fun, informative hour about mobile grooming! See how her long-running mobile business has been successful and how yours can be too! Listen to tips, experiences, funny stories, and more. If you’re just getting into mobile grooming or are a seasoned mobile groomer, this class is for you!

Vaccines 101

Corina Stammworthy

Learn the science behind how canine vaccines work, and why they need some boosters more often than others. We will discuss what vaccines you should require in your salon to maintain a safe working environment for you and the dogs.

A Groomer’s Guide to Working and Herding Group Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

How did Working and Herding Group dogs contribute to the development of modern human economic systems? What grooming techniques are right for these large, intelligent dogs with the natural, often heavy coats? Their grooms and coat types are diverse, far beyond their "Bath/Brush" only stereotype. This session will reveal the origin of all 7 groups of dog breeds, with special focus on the Working and Herding group dogs, and will help any groomer, from beginner to master, categorize coat types and learn the best strategies to groom each type. Learn what grooming tools and techniques are best suited for each coat type. This workshop will describe, breed by breed, the specific grooming needs of all the breeds and coat types in these two groups, while addressing the controversy and explaining the correct care of the most common and natural of all dog coat types: the double coat.

A Groomer’s Guide to Handling Dogs

Angela Kumpe

If you can keep a dog calm and happy while getting his first mohawk or bling accessory, you can probably handle most dogs. Angela Kumpe will share what she has learned from years of experience handling all temperaments of dogs in all types of situations. She will focus on showing you how to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Set It and Forget It!

Corina Stammworthy

Do you struggle every month trying to come up with ideas to get people in the door? Learn how to plan your marketing for the entire year in just one day! This class will teach you how to set up a marketing strategy that practically runs itself so you can get back to work! There will be a heavy emphasis on social media, and bringing a calendar and a notebook is strongly encouraged.

Heck with the Dogs – Train Your Customer!

Lara Latshaw

Who is in control of your salon? You or your customer? If you want to learn how to transform your business into a space that runs the way YOU envision it, attend this seminar. Lara will discuss how to create a sense of urgency that will result in customer rebooks, standing appointments, and at least calling ahead of time. Master how to avoid cancellations and no-show appointments. Learn how to get customers to go along with how you want to groom – be it for speed or aesthetic purposes. Lara will also include some suggestions to help the dogs you groom be more enthusiastic about their visit.

Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims

Shannon Moore

Tired of the same poodle pet trim in your salon? Shannon will show you some ways to put some pizzazz on your poodle pet trims. She will demonstrate some time saving techniques that will showcase your expertise and are easy for your clients to maintain. A quick and trendy poodle pet trim can be a great way to advertise your talent.

A Groomer's Guide to Skin & Coat

Susan Sholar

Figuring out skin and coat issues for a groomer can be a nightmare. Susan will help you figure out basic skin and coat conditions that every groomer should be able to recognize. She will teach you how to treat most issues and when to encourage the customer to seek to a vet.