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Saturday Programs

Face Off

Jay Batista

Join Jay Batista for one of his most popular seminars! First, Jay will go over in detail how to achieve the perfect teddy bear head on any breed. He will give you step-by-step instructions on accentuating a pup’s personality by creating soft, cuddly expressions in the face. Then, he will demonstrate a round, stuffed animal head on a model dog so you can get up close and see the details. We all know the most important detail of a haircut for a client is the face, and Jay will show you his way of making sure every client leaves happy!

Maintain Those Sharp Edges

Dennis Brooks

In this class, Dennis Brooks will share his vast knowledge from 25 years in the sharpening business. Dennis will cover simple maintenance on shears, clippers, and blades that will extend the life of your most valuable tools. As a sharpener, he believes that maintaining your equipment will help you groom easier, faster, and more economically. The class will feature a detailed powerpoint presentation as well as live examples of valuable tips and tricks to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

The Art of Abstract Designs

Adriane Pope

Have you ever wanted to know how some groomers put that perfect Creative Abstract design on their dog or cat? Adriane Pope will teach you how to pick a design for a dog that can be simple or extreme. She will go over the placement, the clippers that work best, and the perfect finishing touches. It’s time to be different and have a Creative Abstract design walking around in your shop, or actually get out on the runway and compete with your work of art! Come and have a little fun with Adriane Pope.

Looking out for #1! Groomer Health Issues

Teri DiMarino

It’s no secret that pet styling is a physically demanding profession. We like what we’re doing, and most of us hope for long grooming careers. However, there are things that can make grooming uncomfortable at the very least, if not impossible. Back, neck, and shoulder problems abound. Respiratory illnesses are not uncommon. Repetitive motion disorders plague us, and many old-timers are wearing hearing aids. Many of us think we are “Super Groomers” and these physical ailments will never happen to us. Think again! Teri will share simple ergonomic techniques, sanitary procedures, and safety measures that should be in place in all salons to prevent issues that can cut your career short.

The Art of the Intake Form

Corina Stammworthy

Learn how to write a bullet-proof intake form and protect yourself from customer complaints, pricing disputes, and miscommunications. You'll sleep soundly at night knowing you are safe from superfluous veterinary bills, bank charge backs, and insurance claims. This is a must-see class for any groomer that runs their own business.

Bichon Profiles Made Easy

Shannon Tupes

Join Shannon for a quick and easy approach to setting a correct pattern on a Bichon. Whether it’s a show trim or a pet trim, Shannon will show you how to keep your Bichons looking the way they are supposed to!

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Live Feline Grooming Demonstration

Dana Chavez-Rey

No two feline grooms are the same. Dana will do a live cat grooming demonstration and talk about the differences in trims. This class offers you safe alternatives to working with cats and modified techniques based on feline temperament. Dana will also cover a brief but careful look at sedation for our cats.

Troubleshooting Employee Issues

Denise Heroux

Do you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall managing people? Does it leave you questioning having employees? If yes, then this seminar is for you! Denise will discuss some of the most common problems that employers run into with having employees. This seminar will also help you strategize ways to confront them head on and move forward to a stronger team.

Cocker Spaniel Pet Trim

Scott Wasserman

Cocker Spaniels are a popular, affectionate breed, but they come with a high-maintenance coat. The gorgeous, wavy double coat is elegant in the show ring, but is not practical for the everyday pet owner. Scott Wasserman will demonstrate how to keep some of the main features of the Cocker without the commitment of a full-blown show coat. He will also teach you how to achieve an easy-to-maintain cut that pet owners will drool over!

“Bad” Dogs Deserve to be Cute Too

Markie James

In this class, Markie James will go over the needs of the pets we don’t always look forward to seeing on our schedule. She will discuss safe handling techniques, the large variety of restraint tools available in the pet care industry, and how and when to use them. When is it ok to try and when is it ok to just say no? She will also discuss “molding” an appropriate clip for the pet and their behavior. It is important to have clear, honest, and compassionate communications with the owner of a difficult pet, with the goal of establishing a regular (and happy) grooming schedule.

Splash of Creative, No Dye Needed

Alyssa Kasiba

Do you want to add creative touches to your salon menu but don’t know where to start? Alyssa Kasiba of ABC’s Pooch Perfect will show you how to get creative with accessories—NO dye needed. Dipping your toes into the world of creative does not have to be scary! Alyssa will push your fears aside and show you ways to put a creative touch on every groom. Accessories are a simple way to add revenue to your salon, and with proper marketing, clients will request your creative touch.

Running Your Business to Its Maximum Potential

Joey Villani

We all go through the same things in business when we’re having a hard time figuring out what we should be charging, dealing with difficult clients, and figuring out how to move forward. If you are struggling with this, then this is the seminar for you. Figure out what you should be charging, how to streamline your day-to-day operation, and be confident that you are doing everything to its maximum potential.