Sunday Programs

Secrets of Hand Stripping

Kathryn Dixon

From strip and clips to breed standard show trims, learn how to make the best of a coarse coat in any condition. We’ll go over must have tools, common techniques, understanding the coarse coat, and how to make any coarse coated dog- mutt or purebred look their best.

Introduction to the Finer Race, the Feline Face

Blake Hernandez

In this fun filled Cat-centric hour, you will learn some great starter services for cat clients to get your foot in the door with Feline Grooming. We will go over everything from how to check in cats, how to set you and your salon up for success with cat appointments, and what tools are a must when working in the specialized field. To top it all off, Blake will demonstrate how to naturally groom a cat’s face so that your "bath cats" leave looking fiercer than ever before. This is key to separate your service from every other service around!

Creative for Fun or Competition

Cindy Oliver

Come join top Creative groomer, Cindy Oliver for a fun filled hour about creative grooming! Cindy will cover everything from simple creative grooming that can be done in your own salon to the extreme creative that you see her do on a competition level. So, if you’re just dipping your toes into creative, thinking about competing, or anything in between - you won’t want to miss this class!

Marketing Your Grooming Business

Teri DiMarino

Do you have the tools to help make your business a success? Have you often wondered why your advertising efforts appear to be falling on deaf ears or blind eyes? How do you attract the clientele you want? From business cards and brochures to defining your target market, Teri will go into detail on how you can get the most out of your marketing budget by covering how you present yourself and your business.

Modified Bichon by Blake

Blake Hernandez

Blake reveals his quick head-turning secrets of his favorite breed! Bichons and most other small white curly coated cuties in Blake's salon leave with that quintessential round head look. Here Blake will show us a modified bichon trim using clippers and scissors. Make sure to grab a seat and learn how to ''cut corners'' on this infinitely round and powderpuff breed.

“Dirty” Little Secrets: Basic Tips and Tricks for Everyday Bathing

Ashley Pacini

Dogs of all ages and sizes come into the salon every day with different skin issues, yeast problems, fleas and ticks, ear infections, and other sorts of things that cause discomfort and difficulty during the bathing process. In this seminar we will be discussing the easiest and safest ways to bathe difficult dogs with all of those pesky little problems that nobody likes to talk about. Because a more comfortable bathing experience, means an easier and more enjoyable grooming experience for both you and the dog.

Today's Grooming

Joshua Morales

Joshua will be going over the differences from grooming a decade ago to how we groom today. Knowing wrong from right and understanding what we call "eye candy" to a specific trim. How to maintain professionalism with both clients and pets. Ever want to know what is popular? Ever wonder what a client’s pet will look like if they allowed you to do a specific trim? Need help developing an eye? Popular but practical trends designed to keep your client happier than ever. Owning a shop in the booming economy of sunny South Florida, Joshua has learned through experience what 80% of your clients really want.

Add-Ons and Pricing

Joey Villani

In this one-hour class, Joey will go over the five must-do’s in order to run a professional, profitable and efficient salon or mobile operation. He will cover advertising, organization, professionalism, pricing and continued business through rebooking.