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Sunday Programs

Sporting Dogs in the Salon

Nadia Bongelli

We all know about hand-stripping terrier coats, but what about proper care and grooming of sporting breed jackets? These techniques are more useful in your day-to-day grooming than you may think! Uncover a whole new world and coat type and add another handy skill to your arsenal.

What's Your Worth, and Is It Worth It for Them?

Jameson Kon

If a potential client is a job you're about to apply for, what can you write on your resume that will make you stand out for them to hire you, in this case, as their personal groomer? Are you charging enough for what you're doing? What If you're having challenges in raising your rates and don't know how to proceed? This class will discuss how you can impress your clients with your own resume, including how you can raise the rates for your more tenured clients or how to attract new clients with your newly acquired skillsets. This is your time to showcase your worth to your clients!

Rollin’ 25 years with Adriane’s Groom and Go

Adriane Pope

In this entertaining mobile seminar, lean how to have some fun as a mobile groomer and how to keep the same clients happy for years to come. Also, Adriane will cover some of the pros and cons of scheduling your way around all the different neighborhoods. So, let’s talk mobile!

Stop Wingin' It! Have a Plan

Elli Bultemeier

Work, family, personal time, and everything always gets in the way of our future success. Let’s dive into planning and goal setting, and get clear on what our future successes are. Stop letting the day to day dictate your life. Get control today!

Kill ‘Em with Cuteness

Blake Hernandez

For the third time today, a matted dog hits your table. The client is picky and brand new, but that doesn't matter because you're a professional who is there to help the animals. In this seminar, Blake is going to help you find the main vein to getting clients to understand their shortcomings, give a spectacular trim with all the cuteness, and teach you how to set clients up for success.

Going from Pet Groomer to Enrichment Stylist

Samantha Palya

Are you tired of struggling with dogs? Getting hurt? Turning clients away? Is your passion too low and your burnout too high? Learn how to enhance your day and your pet grooms with enrichment grooming. During this seminar, you will learn how grooming through enrichment will create a positive experience for you, your clients, and their pets. From puppies to older dogs, aggressive or scared, learn what tools you need and safety tips. Most of all, learn how to go beyond the groom and create an amazing mental, emotional, and physical experience.

Basics of Bichon Grooming

Elizabeth Gibbs

In this hour with Elizabeth, you will learn how to execute a salon-style Bichon trim and more! You’ll also learn quick tips on prepping, tools, and how to make this trim manageable for your clients.

Training a Team to Complement Your Brand

Denise Heroux

One of the most crucial elements to growing your brand with a team is the training you put into them. Denise will discuss what components are needed to start building a strong team through a solid training program, as well as making sure you properly execute it. A solid training program will complement your brand, and therefore, so will your team.

Take Care of Your Most Important Tool! Groomer Health & Wellness

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to take care of your most important tool—you! Dr. Jim will talk about ergonomics and techniques to work with your body to keep you healthy, he will discuss vitamins and minerals and how and when to take them, and also how to set up your salon to take care of yourself and make work less stressful. There will be an emphasis on back, neck, foot, and carpal tunnel injuries with information on prevention and self-treatment.