Sunday Programs

Daily Doodle Dos

Blake Hernandez

In this every day dog seminar, Blake will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts! From how to schedule, handle and educate a daily Doodle client to all Blake’s go to tips to make every hour a power hour. One thing every Doodle has in common, is they are been part Poodle and that Blake’s jam!

SHED Happens! What Clients Must Know

Dave Campanella

A detailed look at Shedding Hair & Fur. Learn the science behind shedding hair. Dave will teach you how to debunk common myths, avoid false product claims, and manage customer expectations. Learn how to educate customers about shedding pets and develop an effective plan to stay ahead of this ongoing dilemma through personalized coat maintenance programs.

Mobile Styling: No Vacancy

Angela Kumpe

Are you mobile and have a crazy schedule? Crazy busy one week, not so much the next. Worry if you will have enough calls to bring in the income you need next week? Next month? Have tons of openings one day then the next have angry people you can’t find a spot for? Angela Kumpe will tell you how to have a stable income that you can bank on. No more up and down schedule. No more worries about what your future schedule will look like. No more working all night on routing. Angela was at full capacity within a few months of going mobile and has a steady schedule that is booked out until someone moves or loses a pet. This class is a must have if you are ready to learn how to enforce regular grooming rotations with routes that do not vary or change.

Relating Breed Standards to Pet Grooming

Jonathan David

In this session Jonathan will discuss and demonstrate ways to bring elements of breed profile grooming into your pet grooming. Jonathan will make suggestions on how to make the hair manageable for the owner, yet remain true to the integrity of the breed standard. He will show how to apply elements of pure breed trims to mixed breeds to create unique looks that satisfy every customer.

Your Toolbox: What Do I Need?

Valerie Partynski

From everyday tools to specialized tools, Val will discuss her favorite tools of the trade and their use. Clippers, blades, combs and brushes, de-shedding tools, dryers and more! Keeping your tools in tip top shape can keep you in business without any downtime. Learn to properly care for your equipment and when it might be time for an upgrade.

Adding Self-Service to Your Salon

Corina Stammworthy

This new salon trend can be an easy moneymaker when done right! Corina will cover build-out, products and equipment, and how to convert self-service customers into lifelong grooming clients. Learn how to design and grow the self-service side of your business so that it’s working for you!

“Short but Not Shaved," and Other Things Owners Say: Making First Timers into Your Biggest Fan

Helen Schaefer

Until we learn telepathy, learning to verbally communicate with the owner at the end of the leash is paramount to creating raving fans and repeat and word-of-mouth business. In this seminar, Helen will go over common things she hears at the salon day after day from new clients, the basic check-in procedure you should follow with every new dog, and the follow-up questions she asks the owner to ensure the first impression is always a positive one. Make that new client into your biggest fan!