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Sunday Programs

Calling Out Marketing Narratives... The Good, the Bad, and the B.S.

Dave Campanella

This seminar includes an entertaining and informative discussion about shampoo marketing narratives throughout history and their claims and latest trends. You will view example videos and text illustrating how far off track things have gotten, and also identify reliable resources for fact-checking and learning about ingredients. Dave will teach you how to become a more savvy shampoo shopper based on one's unique product and ingredient preferences.

Grooming for Structure

Kathryn Dixon

Ask any beautician and they’ll tell you every hair style doesn’t fit every face. The same is true in grooming—dogs come in 100 different shapes and sizes. In this demo you’ll learn how to evaluate the individual dog and groom to its strengths while honoring the pet parent’s requests.

Building the Perfect Schedule

Angela Kumpe

Do you have days where you wonder how you will survive? Days where you are too busy and overwhelmed? Days where you wonder how you will stay open because you are slow? Never know what your schedule will be like next week or next month? Have clients that come every few weeks, then some that come once a year? Angela Kumpe will tell you how to take control of your schedule, as well as how she totally changed her own business and how you can too!

Scissor Work 101 for the Everyday Groomer

Jay Batista

Bring your shears for this informative and interactive seminar! Jay Batista will start with the shear basics, including different types of metals, convex vs. bevel, and what type of shear to use for each coat type. He will teach you how to maintain proper posture, and how to handle your shears ergonomically to reduce strain on your hands and body. Jay believes that the secret to a perfect hand-scissored cut is snipping at a consistent pace. Practice pacing to a metronome with your own shears during this seminar and you will return to your salon with a new skill!

Getting to the Root of it All: Addressing Skin Issues

Janice Fehn

There are so many tools and products groomers use that manipulate the skin without us realizing it. Everyday processes such as drying and clipping could be causing skin irritation if they are not done correctly. The amount of heat being applied to a dog with underlying skin issues can cause flare-ups. Janice Fehn will discuss how to properly care for your irritation-prone clients so that they leave happy and healthy each visit. She will also give you tips on how to properly manage these skin types in your salon, and how to educate the client on managing them at home.

Dealing with “The Delusional Client”

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Groomers are faced with multiple inquiries and personalities when offering a service to the public. Is your salon set up for success to handle these “delusional” requests? “Can you fit her in today? Is my dog done yet? Why so expensive? Can I pick up after hours? Don’t poodle my doodle!” We hear these comical and frustrating requests often. In this seminar you will learn how to go from “Customer Servant” to “Customer Service” by structuring your salon to be prepared for whatever delusional demands clients can come up with.

Building Your Dream Team in an Uncertain Job Market

Denise Heroux

Today's job market is an uncertain one, and finding employees has become an even more daunting task for business owners. Employers must create a marketing strategy to find the right employees and show exactly why their company might be a better fit than the many other companies hiring. Denise will cover how to find your business's core foundation and hone into your ideal employee. Plus, she'll share prized marketing tactics for job ads and where to place them.

Handling Difficult Dogs

Shannon Tupes

We have all had those not-so-well-mannered dogs in the salon that we have to groom. In this seminar, Shannon will show you some tricks to help both the stylist and the dog get through the groom safely and still be able to obtain a professional finished product.

Building your Social Media Presence

Adrian Smith

Do you ever wonder how these social media influencers do it? Adrian Smith, “The Color King,” has amassed an Instagram following of over 22k! And in this seminar, he will teach you his secrets, including how interacting with the people who engage with your content is a key component in building your following. Adrian will also show you how to create quality content that is consistent with your brand, and he will go over colabs. You won’t want to miss this seminar, because Adrian is ready to give you his top tips on how to gain a presence on social media that will start turning heads!