Sunday Programs

Take a Step Away From Your Table

Denise Heroux

This seminar explores the growing trend of dog groomers transitioning from hands-on grooming to absentee ownership roles within their businesses. It examines the factors driving this shift, such as increased demand for pet grooming services and the need for effective business management. The presentation will also discuss the challenges and benefits associated with this transformation, highlighting how dog groomers can maintain quality standards and ensure the success of their grooming establishments while stepping away from the grooming table.

Mobile Grooming Tips and Tricks

Angela Kumpe

Join Angela as she shares advice, tips, and tricks on many topics of mobile grooming. These bits of information can help you while you build a successful mobile grooming business. Some of these topics include scheduling, increasing tips, invoicing, price increases, setting rules and sticking to them, marketing, cancelations, add-on services, latch key services, and much more.

Handstripping for the Everyday Groomer

Victor Rosado

Explore the world of handstripping and learn how to apply it to your everyday grooming! This ancient technique gains popularity today as the groomers explore the benefits of this scientific grooming method. Learn the basics and more advanced methods that will give you more options to offer to your clients. This is a one-hour seminar with a live demo offered by the Handstripping Travel Team member of the World Champion Gold-winning Team in Belgium 2017, Victor Rosado.

Edge Enigma: Grooming Tool Maintenance Class

Dennis Brooks

Join Dennis from Sharp Edges-IL on a journey to discover what you can do to make sure your grooming tools are doing the most for you and your groomers. Unlock the secrets of grooming tool maintenance! Learn the essential techniques and best practices to keep your equipment in top-notch condition, ensuring precision and longevity. Valuable insights for both beginners and seasoned groomers will be gained in this seminar.

Pricing for Profit

Elli Bultemeier

Money, money, money! I don’t know about you, but the song comes to mind quickly. Yeah, you know you just sang it! But what are we afraid of? We are in business to make money. Prices are rising everywhere around us, and it’s our turn to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start thriving. Let’s unpack how to use our pricing models to generate the most and create a healthy living.

Panda or Doodle?

Misty Gieczys

Don't Poodle my Doodle! How many times have customers uttered those words to you? Fear not, this class will show a cute, fluffy Panda trim that is easier for owners to maintain at home without their Doodle looking like a Poodle.

Scissors Down

Nadia Bongelli

Clippers are amazing tools and can be used to our advantage in a busy, high-volume shop. There are so many tricks to use with your clippers that will give your clients the appearance of a scissored finish without the extra time involved, and Nadia will show you how! Do not sacrifice quality when using your most trusty tool and learn to embrace your clippers.

Assisting the Entrepreneurodivergent

Stephenie Calhoun

The neurodivergent entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with for the naysayers, and will always be the first to your side when you need a hand. Unfortunately, the universe has to maintain the balance, so it throws time blindness, object permanence, and executive dysfunction at us. In this class, we will discuss different situations in which our neurodivergence throws us a curveball and what we can do to turn it into a home run.

How to Incorporate an Enrichment Training Program (No Dog Training Necessary!)

Samantha Palya

Are you looking for a way to connect with pets that have unwanted behaviors but just don't know how? Incorporating an enrichment training program can help make connections with pets that may be turned away, bringing in additional revenue, and giving you another way to separate yourself from other groomers and facilities. The best part is you don't have to be an animal behaviorist or professional dog trainer to change a pet's behavior for grooming! In this seminar, Samantha will take you through the process of incorporating an enrichment training program. From the evaluation process to understanding what methods work best with what types of behaviors, you will be ready to start your own enrichment training program immediately!