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Sunday Programs

Marketing With Google Adwords

Laura Hearn

Did you know it can take a new website 2-4 weeks to be found on Google? Laura Hearn shows you how to utilize Google Adwords so your website shows up on the front page when clients search for your services. We will discuss creating your ad, target key words, scheduling/timing and budgeting. Bring your laptop/tablet/smart phone as we'll be going step by step through the process.

The Stages Of Hand Stripping Part 1: Blown Coat And Tools Of The Trade

Jared Lane

Jared Lane, international competitive groomer, will share his Terrier secrets in this three part seminar. In this first hour, Jared discusses different tools, and how to properly use them. There are three main techniques to hand-stripping: stripping, rolling and carding. He will discuss and show examples of blown coat and how to handle the coat properly.

May The Force Be With You

Dan Williams

Common dryers, including “stand,” “cage,” “high velocity” and “force,” are reviewed, with a focus on the equipment’s primary and secondary uses. A series of charts, graphs, color photos, and text assist audience groomers to select the proper dryer for a specific application and groom shop. Force dryers are discussed in detail. The differences between single motor and double motor dryers used in high velocity or force type dryers are discussed. Also covered is the double motor configuration and the pros and cons of series and parallel configurations.

It’s About Time!: Anne’s Shop Shortcuts

Anne Francis

Anne Francis will discuss timesaving techniques she utilizes every day in the professional grooming salon. Whether you are new to grooming or established and just looking for a few timesaving tips, Anne has got some great ideas. Sometimes referred to as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by her boss, she has streamlined her approach to grooming everything from the Beagle to the Bouvier! Come ready to learn and see some of the pro tips from this member of GroomTeam USA!

The Stages Of Hand Stripping Part 2: Is Show Coat The Best Coat?

Jared Lane

Jared Lane, international competitive groomer, will share his Terrier secrets in this three part seminar. Part two is an informative demonstration where Jared will discuss Show Coat and go over how to achieve and properly maintain this type of coat with your Terriers. Jared will show you which tools he uses and how to utilize them properly so you too can make your Terriers look award winning!

Mobile: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

Brett Wilson

Mobile is all the rage these days. What better way to groom less and make more! However, mobile comes with its challenges and obstacles. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of mobile and how it relates to A) Routing B) Maintenance C) What to Charge D) Adding Additional Units E) Rebooking! Whether you have a mobile currently or are looking to begin mobile, this class is for you. Learn some tricks and tips to more effectively operate your mobile business and enjoy the luxury of a mobile schedule.

The 411 On Vaccines

Dr. Cliff Faver

Join Dr. Cliff Faver as he addresses how vaccines work, the ones to give and the ones you don’t need to give. He will also discuss the different quality of vaccines, frequency they need to be given, and options to not giving vaccines. All this is need-to-know information for the dogs in your salon.

The Stages Of Hand Stripping Part 3: How To Maintain Coat

Jared Lane

Jared Lane, international competitive groomer, will share his Terrier secrets in this three part seminar. In this exciting, Part three demonstration Jared will share his secrets to successfully maintaining a wire coat and what that means. He will go over the techniques used in addition to products that will show you how to tackle the coat with the correct tools.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Ryan Mulcahy

Are you looking to renovate or build out your new shop? Let Ryan share his years of experience in retrofitting grooming shops and doing build outs with you. He will be talking about what questions to ask your contractors and how to properly communicate your needs as a groomer. Ryan will also discuss various materials and construction methods and how to get high end looks and workability without breaking the bank. Other topics of discussion will include shop layout and DIY innovations.