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Thursday Programs

Brusher Bather Certificate Program

Teri DiMarino

Your ability to do your job, and do it right, separates you from being "just a bather" to a position that contributes to the finished product in the salon. Teri believes that a good bath, brush and dry is 50% of a great groom. The bathing room is where most stylists started. Before future groomers begin to think of clipping coat, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it to obtain desired results. Surprisingly, many great B/Bs remain in the bathing room, preferring the security of knowing there will always be a need for their expert services. Bathers-in-training, "groomer wannabes", seasoned groomer techs and salon owners will benefit from this day-long program with tips on equipment and products to make the job easier. From getting the dog ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo through proper bathing and blow-drying techniques, Teri will cover the B/B fundamentals. Safety issues and handling will be stressed.

Tools of the Trade and How to Use Them

From brushes and nail clippers, muzzles to grooming loops, Teri covers equipment basics, highlighting correct uses, in an effort to make the work easier and more comfortable for pet and bather. "These techniques and tools will make the finished groom a true work of art," says Teri. Anals and ears will be also discussed.

Dematting… It’s Not What It Used To Be

Everyone has a technique for dematting a neglected pet. For some, it’s a shave-down and then entering the pelt in a Mat Contest. For others, it’s a time-consuming, hair-splitting experience, destined to take its toll on the pet, the B/B or both. Teri examines the most common and effective products, tools and techniques for the demat dilemma without getting all tangled up.

What’s In Those Bubbles??? Shampoos, Conditioners & Spray

Tocopherol, Ergocalciferol, Sodium Chloride. Teri takes a "groomers-eye" view of the stuff we use every day in language we can understand. Shampoos, sprays and conditioners are our most expendable items but what do we really know to select the right product for our situation? (Those scary words are techno-speak for vitamin E, vitamin D and simple table salt, often found in many grooming products.)

Getting the Most Out of Your Bathing and Drying Time

Bathing and drying are the most underestimated aspects of our jobs. Techniques can make or break a groom. The ability to properly apply products, thoroughly clean and then dry the pet will have a direct influence on the finish. You will hear about time-saving equipment and techniques.

This program is six hours long and is included in the Do-It-All admission or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

TICA & IPG Cat Safety 101 Certificate Course

Linda Easton

Cats are a great source of additional revenue or as your only clients! This presentation will give you tips and tricks to bathe cats safely and stress free, and keep the cat happy and healthy during the process. Learn how cat skin and hair are unique. Understanding skin structure will help you decide on the correct groom, and even better handling techniques. How long does it take to groom a cat? How should you house the cat in the salon? Should cats be shaved? Why are whiskers sensitive? These questions and more will be answered.

Linda will give tips on setting up a bathing and grooming station to work on cats, and cover how to clean safely; many "dog safe" products are "cat dangerous." Cat-safe equipment will also be discussed, as well as body language. Learning to read cats’ body language will make your job easier and more fun.

Different cat breeds need different grooming. Learn about popular and common cat breeds and tips for handling and grooming them. Special needs cats will also be covered, including kittens and senior cats. You’ll learn tips to get kittens acclimated to grooming and the grooming salon, and why older and obese cats often need help grooming. Linda will also discuss when cats can be groomed and when to have the owners stay, and visiting with cats and their owners so you can interact with breed experts and ask questions. You will also earn an IPG/TICA certificate and patch from TICA.

Super Styling Everyday Dogs

Jay Scruggs

Jay has collaborated for many years teaching seminars all over the world, and now virtually with the Super Styling Sessions app. Spend the day with Jay as he give valuable tips for prepping, grooming, and finishing those everyday shop dogs. He will demonstrate achievable pet trims on a few different common shop and mixed breeds during this four-hour seminar.

Jay will use several tools in their grooming toolbox to highlight breed profiles and simple pet trims that will keep your clientele in easy-to-maintain trims with some flair. “This seminar will focus on adding personality to an average-looking dog,” says Jay. “We will show how to balance the head in with the rest of the body and how to set the length with clippers to cut out a lot of scissoring. This will help save time with the finishing process.”

Keeping breed profile on pet trims is all about achieving a natural finish with snap-on combs and finishing with thinning shears. Blending the body and not leaving defined lines in the coat is easy to achieve when you use the right techniques. Some coat types that come in the shop everyday can be unforgiving, Jay will share their secrets and tips to get a nice, stylish finish every time. Your clients will never be happier once you implement these Super Styling secrets to your everyday trims!

Thursday Evening

Hybrid Freestyle Meets Creative

Jayne Gallagher & Alyssa Kasiba

Join Jayne and Alyssa from ABC’s Pooch Perfect where artistic worlds collide when these talents combine ideas and collaborate. This class will go over some creative touches and tips to bring pizzaz to everyday styles in your shop. Come watch the fun with these two and spark your own creativity!

Difficult Dog Certificate Course

Macie Pisa

Join Macie for this very informative “Difficult Dog” certificate course. First, she will talk about types of bad dogs. Second, she will introduce all the tools on the market that will help you with these dogs. Then, she will show you how to work through the most common challenges with canines and take questions for special cases. Lastly, she will talk about when to say “when” and how to diffuse a dog, a client and a situation altogether. You’ll learn everything you need to know to stay glad even when they're bad!